Everybody’s Underpaid

Around this time, many companies are have completed their merit and bonus cycles. It’s an HR practitioner’s favorite time of the year knee-deep in calibrations, talent conversations, and the distribution of bottomless pits of money to pay bonuses. Ok, that last part isn’t really true regardless of what employees think. It’s also the time of … More Everybody’s Underpaid

Happy Hours Are The Worst Team Building Activities

As a 20+ year HR professional, I have had my fair share of employee relations issues and team conflict. When I’m digging into these situations, many stem from an after-hours work setting or a failed attempt at team building. Inevitably, someone says, “And after a couple of drinks, Pat said…” According to Huddy’s Hotcakes HR … More Happy Hours Are The Worst Team Building Activities

Overwhelmed. Overloaded. Overjoyed. A #SHRM18 Recap

Whew! The 2018 Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual conference is over. 24 hours later and I’m still letting the whole experience sink in. I’m usually not at a loss for words, but this conference has me searching for the right things to say. After reflecting a bit, I realize I cannot put into … More Overwhelmed. Overloaded. Overjoyed. A #SHRM18 Recap