The January Experiment

January is a chance for renewal. Resolutions are set. Goals are made. Expectations run high as people are looking for that chance to start over. A chance to make right all the mistakes of the previous year. Some people pick one specific resolution or goal to focus on around something like health and fitness, a job or relationship change, or just a change. I set out to focus on all of them.

For the third year in a row, I set an annual mileage running goal. But I also took on something else. I decided to see what all the fuss was about with all of these resolutions or habits people try to adopt. The “Successful People Do These Things” posts are always popular before any new year and 79% of them really make me laugh. I wrote one of my own, a bit ago. Plus, I’m always up for some crazy challenges. Kind of like that one time I decided to eat a ghost pepper back in college. That didn’t turn out so well.

Based on all of this expert advice, I set out to make the list. Some were popular, others I just made up as a little experiment to see if there was any effect, and a couple are just plain silly. I didn’t set any expectations like seeing if my skin tone would improve or if I’d be able to solve multiple quadratic equations while standing on my head. But I just wanted to see if I felt differently.

Why take on this challenge? Maybe I was looking for some sort of boost or change in mood or productivity. Maybe I want to be featured in one of those cool business magazines, in December. Maybe I felt like a giant blob of yuck after a 3-week bender on junk food and booze at the end of the year. Mostly, I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Here’s the list of things I’ve been adding/subtracting from my daily routing since January 7th (I got a late start):

  • Run outdoors 5 days a week
  • Do the 9-minute workout, three days a week
  • No alcohol
  • No Gummy Bears
  • Follow a Mediterranean-based diet
  • No red meat
  • Journal every day
  • Cut my hair (like, cut a lot of it off)
  • No deli sandwiches like Potbelly or Jimmy Johns
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Wake up at 5:30am every day
  • Read every day

I’ll be taking this challenge through February 6th, or so, to get a full 31 days. I’ll check back and give an update on my massive transformation!

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