Resigning the Right Way

It’s the end of the year. You’re reflecting on 2018 and starting to think about 2019. Maybe it’s time for a change in careers. After reflection, maybe that job isn’t so great and you’ve decided the grass is greener. Maybe you’re ready to “stick it to the man” because he’s been sticking it to you for a long time. When that time comes to turn in your notice, refrain from all that bad things you want to do and say to your soon-to-be-ex-boss and tell her your resigning.

There’s been a lot of buzz, lately, about how employees are resigning. With the advent of social media and everybody seeking their 13 seconds of fame, people want to be noticed. In this week’s news, some disgruntled teen decided to have their “Jet Blue” moment, (remember that guy? Yeah, me neither) and go out on their own terms. Cute. Betcha they felt great at that moment. Betcha there’s many people slapping this person virtual high-fives and sharing this triumphant YouTube moment to all their friends.

The one thing that caught me in the story was this line:

The Edmonton Journal reported that Racicot had secured a new job before quitting and knew that was the way he wanted to go out.

If I’m this person’s future employer, I’m giving this brave and bold advocate for better labor conditions a call and having a little chat. I’m asking them to walk me through their thoughts. I’m asking them to think of a point in the future when they’re leaving my organization. How would they handle it differently?

And I know just what you’re thinking. “Hey, Huddy, if employers provided a better work experience, we wouldn’t have these tales of people going out like this.” You’re right. Employers need to do better. Many are. Many are not. We can talk about that in future posts.

If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones working for a crap employer, just walk away. No need to get your 9 seconds of fame this way. The world is a small place and you never know where your next opportunity will be. You never know who’s watching your funny little tantrum as you leave your past employer.

If you truly want to make things better for the working conditions of your employer, form a union. Work with your management team to try to make things better. Heck, chat with your HR guy. If that doesn’t work, leave. Walk into your bosses office and tell them you’re leaving. Collect your check and move on to greener pastures.

And if you feel the need to let “The Man” have it, head on over to Glassdoor and leave a review.


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