Pomegranate Pancakes

It has been a long time since I’ve dedicated a post just to pancakes. Weekends tend to get away from me and I haven’t set aside time for me to write them up. But, with this post, I’m excited to share not only this week’s pancakes, but also my new Instagram account just for Huddy’s Hotcakes. I know this may not seem like a big deal, and, quite frankly, it really isn’t. It just gives me another place to play around and have some fun with this whole crazy pancake business.

Maybe I’ll figure out what I exactly want to do with this, but, for now, you’ll just get the pictures and some behind-the-scenes content. (You can also check out the Huddy’s Hotcakes Twitter account.)

Ok, back to the pancakes. These were pretty easy and came to me last-second. I just came off a very humid 7-mile run and I headed to the store for some bacon. For some reason, pomegranates just popped into my head. Not sure why as I’m not really a big fan, but I decided to throw some into this weekend’s batch.

I discovered why I’m not a huge pomegranate fan. They are expensive! I went with a pre-packaged 4oz of the arils and that set me back six bucks. So I grabbed two.

For the pancakes, I did the base Huddy’s Hotcakes recipe and added about a cup of the pomegranate arils. I topped them with a little powdered sugar and some maple syrup and the rest is history.

Pomegranates have a distinct flavor, but they mostly provide a nice crunchy texture to the pancakes. Supposedly, there are some great benefits to eating pomegranates, but I don’t make my pancakes for the healthy. I’ve heard there are other great things to add pomegranate to like a tasty martini. Those will have to wait until after 5pm.

Hope you enjoy these pancakes and be sure to check out the new Instagram account. I’d love your thoughts and ideas about future creations.



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