Q2 2018 Goal Update

I set a goal for 2018 to run 1250 miles. At the halfway point, I’m 50 miles behind where I should be and the second quarter had a lot to do with it. While I got out of the gates quickly in April, the next two months went like the start of the Boston Marathon: downhill.

I logged 115 miles in April. After falling behind in the first quarter, I had some catching up to do and I made a good chunk of that up in April. The height of my half marathon training came in April and I was averaging almost 29 miles per week. I was feeling great and ready for my half marathon and then May happened.

A week before my half marathon, I got sick. Nothing major, but I had a pretty bad head/sinus cold that forced me to rest for almost a week. I was able to get back on track for a good half marathon despite the cold and rainy conditions. I ran this race with a couple of people from my run group and I have come to the conclusion that running a race with someone you know is the best way to go.

I closed out the month of May with the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge as a member of the Slalom Chicago team heading into Memorial Day weekend (not much running happened then.) I finished the month with 80 total miles, but was still on pace to make up the lost miles in Q1.

June was pretty much a wash for me. It was filled with a week-long work trip to Seattle, the SHRM National conference, and a bit of everyday life to keep the Asics in the closet. Couple that with some scorching heat at the end of the month and I got a total of 70 miles in for June. While this isn’t awful, my healthy food and beverage choices took a little hiatus, too, and left me feeling a little sluggish.

Reflecting on this goal halfway through the year, I’m beginning to rethink the number and if I need to do a little course correction. I’m currently at 575 total miles for the year and right on track to hit my total miles of 1150 in 2017. In order for me to accomplish my 2018 goal, I would need to average 113 miles per month for the rest of the year. While this is not impossible, I’m not so sure I’ll be able to sustain it.

I know I will be back on half marathon train for a fall race that is yet to be determined. I also know there will be many weeks of travel or activities that may keep me off the trails. I’m going to continue to push toward the goal and see how close I can get, but I’m not going to sacrifice my body to injury just to hit a number. July is off to a pretty good start and the weekend calls for some gorgeous temperatures. A perfect excuse to get back on track!


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