Global Running Day

Today is Global Running Day. It’s a day to celebrate running and encourage people to get moving. People from around the world will lace up their shoes and hit the pavement. I love days like today. Sure there are great days like National Beer Day , but for my time and attention, Global Running Day is it.

I have been running for about nine years. Throughout those nine years, I have run 5,754 miles, including thirteen half marathons and countless other races and distances. Thank you, MapMyRun, for keeping those stats for me. Through those nine years, there has been a lot of change, but running has been my one constant. It keeps me grounded and is my own personal therapist. I enjoy running regardless of the weather and look forward to exploring new paths when I travel. Running is the universal language.

You don’t have to be a “runner” or own some fancy gear to get out and celebrate Global Running Day. Grab a co-worker and take a long walk during your lunch hour. Call your neighbor and log a couple of miles around the neighborhood. Or just put on your shoes and hit your favorite trail for some solo miles. Just make an effort to get moving. Many of us spend a majority of our lives tied to a desk or staring at a computer. We sit in drab conference rooms and listen to others talk in terms we can’t even understand. Take 30 minutes out of the day and get the blood pumping.

I have already put my four miles in for the day. I love morning runs and it’s the best way to get my day started. How will you spend your Global Running Day?


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