Stop Apologizing For These 9 Things

Have you ever started a conversation with a person who has been negligent undoing their job by saying, “I’m sorry, but…”? Are you constantly apologizing to leaders for suggesting that they actually do what they are responsible for? As HR professionals, we have a job to do just like Marketing, Finance, or Sales. While parts of your role may not be viewed as “cool” or “strategic,” they are still important to the organization and there is no need to apologize for doing your job.

The following are nine things HR needs to stop apologizing for. Right now.

  1. Asking questions.
  2. Mitigating risk.
  3. Employees missing over-communicated and clearly stated deadlines for open enrollment.
  4. A leader acting like a jerk.
  5. Requiring documentation.
  6. Asking for the 11th time that a manager complete the legally mandated harassment training.
  7. Pushing back and doing what is right.
  8. Providing feedback that is kind and constructive so someone can learn.
  9. Being curious.

Just because someone is mad and doesn’t want to take accountability for their actions or behaviors doesn’t mean you need to apologize for doing your job.

I stopped at nine. What are some other things I’ve missed?

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