Swedish Pancakes

I was totally unprepared to make pancakes, this morning. As a matter of fact, I was just planning on making some basic buttermilk and calling it a day. After a chilly, but sunny ten-mile run, (yes, my brag is humble) I realized I didn’t have any eggs to even pull off Huddy’s Hotcakes. So in all my sweaty glory, I hit up the local grocer for some bacon and eggs. And then my curiosity got the best of my as I was going down the aisle. Lingonberries. The quest was on for some Swedish pancakes.

I have never ventured outside the basic pancake realm. Never done waffle. No crepes for me. Not even a savory potato pancakes. But I decided to step outside of the comfort zone, this morning, and give the Swedish a whirl.

I had no clue where to start so when in doubt, Google it. I clicked on the trusty Food Network link for this recipe. Simple enough, right? I immediately noticed the lack of ingredients compared to my normal pancakes. Eggs, flour, and milk where the main ingredients. I followed the recipe and just used buttermilk instead of regular milk. Hey, my buttermilk was about to expire. Why not?

Swedish pancakes take a lot of patience. And experimentation. With normal pancakes, I fire up the griddle, pour six pancakes at a time, and I have a batch ready in about 4 minutes. If you look at the recipe, it requires making one Swedish pancake at a time. This is all due to the thin texture of the batter. Imagine making an omelet. That’s what it reminded me of. And not the best for a group of hungry patrons.

My first pancake was a disaster. I couldn’t tell when to flip it. It broke apart and I got too impatient and took it off too early. But as I continued to repeat the process, I got better at it. The pan was getting to the right temperature and, based on previous iterations, I was able to dial in the right amount of batter and the right amount of time on each side.

Eventually, I was able to make about 12 pancakes. Of course, I was the last to eat. I added the lingonberries that I picked up from the store for a nice touch. I’ll have to admit that these weren’t the best tasting, for me, and I’m not sure I’ll be repeating these again. While it was nice to experiment and try something different, these were a lot more work for what they ended up to be. Back to regular pancakes, next week.

Let me know what flavors you’d like to see.


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