Energy Audit – Revisited

About 4 weeks ago, I wrote about the exercise I went through called an “Energy Audit.” The goal was to find out where I was spending my time and try to figure out what was getting in the way of me getting stuff done. Part of that exercise involved deactivating my Twitter account for thirty days as I realized that was a main source I would go to when I was procrastinating. That procrastination was borne out of fear. Fear of failure, conflict, or whatever fear that was manifesting itself. I wanted to see if by removing a main distraction, I would be able to address those fears and move forward. The following is what I learned over the past 4 weeks without Twitter.

I realized this exercise was not about Twitter. It was not about any other social media sites upon where I engage. This was all about the stories I tell myself in my head and the inner saboteur talking. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or heading to the kitchen for a handful of M&Ms where all distractions I used instead of doing. Distractions to keep me from having the difficult conversations. Diversions from taking a chance on creating a presentation or point of view that may seem risky. Procrastination activities to avoid the possibility that somebody may not accept me or think better of me.

I went to Twitter because there was a sense of comfort like I get when I dig into a 3-lb bag of Haribo gummy bears.  Whether it was scanning my favorite Colts sportswriter or checking out the latest #NextChat, there was safety and security. But it was only a false sense of that security.

In the past 4 weeks, I did find myself taking on more challenges and exercising my point of view more in meetings. I read 3 books over this period of time. I got out the door faster for my morning runs because I didn’t spend time on my Twitter feed. I had no idea what the President was saying. My blood pressure stayed relatively normal because I wasn’t inundated with the nonsense and bickering that was happening.

While I still have a long way to go, I have a better idea about the root of my issues.So I’m easing back into the Twittersphere. And the timing is just right. The Masters is in full swing and the Colts off-season workouts are right around the corner. The SHRM national conference is coming up and I’m looking forward to featuring some speakers and vendors leading up to the big event. I will definitely be paring down my follower group and reduce the noise within the platform. I love this post and advice from Paul Hebert. And I’m looking forward to engaging and catching up on what has been happening the past month.


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