2018 1st Quarter Goal Update

I set a goal to run 1250 miles in 2018. Seemed simple to me. Just increase my 2017 weekly average by 2 miles and I’ll be fine. My body was ready for it and I was ready to jump right into the year. Through the first quarter, I am 21 miles off pace. And I’m ok with it.

Looking back at the past 3 months, I know why I fell short of the goal. For the first 2 weeks of 2018, I only ran a total of 25 miles. I intentionally took the first week off and I was on the road the whole second week and barely got out. I still managed to run 101 miles in January.

I maintained a good rhythm for February and logged 100 miles. Not too bad for the shortest month of the year. I spent my weekly miles at an indoor track to avoid the treadmill and ran many cold weekend runs outdoors. I started to feel a couple of aches and pains throughout this month, though. Looking back at January, I realized I increased my weekly mileage way too fast in order to try to make up for the lost mileage at the beginning of the month.

I started off March by taking a few days off.  I realized that while I was driven by this goal, I needed to start listening to the pain. There was no way I would be able to complete this goal if I got injured and I have always been good at listening to some of the cues. So I took a weekend and a few weekdays off. I ended up with 90 miles for March.

I left about 30 miles on the trails for the first quarter, but I’m not too worried about this. And I’m not going to spend the next quarter trying to make up for the lost 21 miles. I know those will come back as I pick up the training, this Spring.

So, how am I feeling about my goal so far? Pretty good. One of the other things I wanted to accomplish for 2018 is to avoid the treadmill. There is nothing worse than running in place. I don’t care how many fancy programs I’ve tried in the past, I will avoid it at all costs. And I did. I was able to incorporate some indoor track work. Running 40 laps indoors is just a step above the treadmill, but I feel better moving forward.

What does the second quarter have in store? My hope is some warmer weather. In May, I have a half marathon and the always fun JP Morgan Corporate Challenge. My weekly mileage will start to increase in preparation for the half so I anticipate being back on pace my the end of the second quarter.

I have really enjoyed the experience of setting these running goals. My sleep is way better and I have a fantastic morning routine. I enjoy waking up at 5:15am and getting the day started with a run. While traveling, I’ve been forgoing the extra beverages after dinner and making sure I’m getting my weekday runs in. Yes, I’m falling asleep around 9:45 each evening, but it has been worth it.

Here is to another satisfying three months. Let’s see what it will bring!




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