The Runner’s Wave

I’m on the road, this week. Every time I travel, I make sure to pack all my running gear for as many days as I will be away. Before I leave, I scope out the area and plan my running routes. For this particular trip, I’m visiting a city I have never been to before, but I was fortunate to have a friend who has and he shared his running routes with me. Runnerds unite!

The past two mornings, I’ve noticed something while on my runs. Nobody waves. As a runner, I follow a general rule while out on a run. This rule doesn’t apply to a race, just for the standard outdoor run. Whenever there is another runner approaching, I make eye contact and give a little wave. There may be a “good morning” laced in there, but there is a least a wave. 97.3% of the time, I get the courtesy wave back. But not on this trip.

For the past two mornings, I have taken the same route. On these runs, I have passed no less than 20 people. And using my rule and approach, only 1 person has returned the wave. One. Really? I’m perplexed at this and am trying to figure it out.

The time has been just at sunrise. Maybe it’s my menacing 6’3″, 185 pound frame. Maybe it’s the image of this man looking like a baby giraffe with the head of a Nick Nolte mug shot. Hey, I forgot my hat and I really need a haircut. I don’t know what it is and I’m just a little disappointed.

So what about you? Do you follow the “Runner’s Wave” rule? How about if you aren’t a runner? Do you give a wave, nod, or a “good morning” to others in the workplace? I’m sometimes guilty of this and want to change that.


4 thoughts on “The Runner’s Wave

  1. I always make eye contact, and wave or nod. It’s part “hey look at us we’re awesome”, part “we’re both suffering the same thing” and part “I have your back just as I expect you to have mine on this road”

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