Buttermilk Pancakes with Candied Bacon and Nutella Syrup

I hope you have set your clocks forward. Hopefully, you slept in a bit this morning, too. I love the springing forward of time. Yesterday evening, I starting moving the clocks forward at 7pm. I got to bed an hour early and had the alarm set for 6am. Yes, this is my life. I had a 7am run scheduled with my running group and I wanted to make sure I was ready to go.

Our run started with the sunrise. A crisp sunny morning made for a perfect run through our forest preserve. After an hour of running, a good stretch session, and a few minutes of reflection, it was time for the pancakes. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had in store.

I made these pancakes about four years ago and I got the recipe from Buzzfeed. This post launched many creations in the early days of Huddy’s Hotcakes. The particular recipe for this morning’s pancakes comes from the Evil Shenanigans blog. Make sure you check out Kelly’s blog. It’s full of so many fantastic recipes.

So what makes these pancakes so good? Where do I count the ways? First off, I went with the straight Huddy’s Hotcakes for the pancakes. With all of the toppings, I wanted to make sure there weren’t any other competing flavors. This particular batch was on point, this morning.

The candied bacon was mouth-watering. I mean, how can you go wrong with any kind of bacon, but candied bacon? I’m in. I followed Kelly’s recipe for the this. Adding the brown sugar, cocoa, smoked paprika, and cinnamon topping to the bacon created the perfect sweetness to the salty bacon. I could put this on just about anything!

The Nutella syrup was the perfect topping and so simple to make. Again, I followed the Evil Shenanigan’s recipe for this one. Added some strawberries on the side to bring this goodness home.

I loved being able to add a little bit of the savory with the bacon to these pancakes. And anytime I can add some Nutella with pancakes always scores points with my kids. (They could eat that straight from the jar!) I’m looking forward to adding a few more savory items to some future pancakes whiles still maintaining the sweetness. Hey, I have to keep the crowd happy and coming back for more.

What are some of your favorite sweet and savory combinations? Let me know and I’ll put them on the list.


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