Feedback By Observation

I do a lot of facilitating with my job. Leadership and employee development courses like DISC, courses on meaningful feedback, Ladder of Inference and The Drama Triangle, just to name a few. I was visiting one of the markets I support and they were facilitating some courses on meaningful feedback. I was not facilitating these sessions but I decided to sit in on one of them. And I learned a few things.

At first, it was tough to resist the urge to jump in. I have facilitated this course many times and I wanted to add comments and stories in the places where I added my own experiences. But as I observed, I appreciated how the facilitators took the content and made it theirs. While we all have a suggested facilitator’s guide, the content takes on different meaning based on our own experiences.

I realized that each person has their own style of delivering content. I take the content and make it my own and tell stories that relate the content to my own experiences. I learned more about the facilitators as they told about their journey in growth and development through good feedback.

I learned there are many ways to drive home a point. While there’s a script, each person sees a situation differently. It was good for me as a facilitator of the content to go through this experience.

If you do a lot facilitating of the same material, I encourage you to experience it as a participant. You will be able to see it from your audience’s perspective and learn some different ways to present in the future. After sitting through the session, it was one of the better pieces of feedback I’ve received to help grow my skills as a facilitator and speaker.


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