Travel and Outdoor Running

I am not a road warrior by any stretch, but I get a decent amount of travel. For me, a decent amount is about a trip per month. While most of these trips are no longer than 2 days, they can add up when you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My work trips typically consist of non-stop meetings, class facilitation, and a little bit of entertaining and indulging on some fantastic local cuisine. After spending all day in conference rooms and crowded office spaces, it’s good to get out and see parts of the city I’m visiting. So I make it a point to get outdoors for my runs.

Being cooped up in hotel rooms with the din of the television or the glare of the smart phone or laptop can really wreak havoc with my mood and my sleep. For me, getting outside for a morning run is the best medicine. Some like to visit nice restaurants or take in the tourist attractions or the loneliness that is the hotel restaurant and bar. I prefer the solitude of the local running scene. It’s healthier for me.

My goal for 2018 is to avoid the treadmill and hotel gym at all cost. In some ways, a hotel gym is more depressing than the hotel lounge. Most of the equipment is outdated, the room is usually not well ventilated and the thought of running on a treadmill or cycle makes me want to scream. Running is about moving forward and I’m not getting anywhere running in place.

The first thing I do when I arrive at my hotel is grab a bunch of bottle waters and the local convenience store. I always bring several Clif bars with me for a post-run, pre-breakfast snack. I do a little research before I arrive to see if there are any local running routes. MapMyRun has a great feature to find routes near you. The hotel concierge may have some routes suggestions, as well.

I also like to talk to my colleagues about their favorite routes. Many times we’ll plan to run as a group. Nothing better than an accountability partner on the road. My morning run plans influence my evening plans especially when I know the group is expecting me to show up. While I enjoy going to new restaurants and tasting a couple of the local craft beers, on occasion, getting my day started with a run is most important.

In this first month of the year, I’ve been successful in maintaining my weekly miles while on the road. While the winter gear takes a little more room in the suitcase, it’s well worth the extra pounds to lug around. I’m looking forward to visiting some new cities and states, this year, and exploring them through running.




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