Do What You Like This Holiday Break

It’s the Friday before Christmas. Most people will be enjoying a 3-day weekend. Some are stretching it to a 4-day, and a big portion of those working in the service and retail industry are enjoying a regular ol’ Friday. 2017 has been a tough year. From the many high-profile deaths to the non-stop partisan politics and rhetoric being played out 24-7, people are tired. They’re angry and frustrated. And that’s no way to be at the end of the year.

Given the season, there is no better way to set people in the right mood than some music. So for this holiday season, I give you the 1989 hip-hop classic by the Digital Underground, “Doowutchalike.”

Here’s a few sample lyrics for those who are unfamiliar with the song or just don’t want to listen:

I mean rich, poor, high, low, or upper-middle class
Let’s all get together and have a few laughs

And doowhatwelike

Now, red, white, black, tan, yellow, or brown
It really doesn’t matter, we can all get down
And do what we like, yeah, and do what we like
From a pink-skinned Yankee, to a blue-black Southerner
Ditch digger or a governor
Just do what you like
Look how you like

It doesn’t matter how much time off you have or how much you will be working. Take a digital detox. Immerse yourself in social media. Who cares. Just do something that makes you feel good and makes others feel good, too. Take care of yourself.

Take your mind off of what’s been bothering you, even for just a minute, and let the record play.

Happy Holidays!

**photo courtesy of Metro Lyrics

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