Build a Reflection Map for 2017

At the beginning of each year, you probably put together a roadmap for how you wanted the year to play out. You made some lofty resolutions to eat better or to get in shape. You wanted to develop career or relationship goals to improve upon the previous year. Like any good goal-setting technique, you probably followed this roadmap, got feedback on it early and often, and course corrected as you went along. As the year comes to an end, I encourage you to build a reflection map to retrace that roadmap you made.

Over the next 2 weeks, I’ll be reflecting on 2017. I had set some big personal goals and laid out a few stretch career goals. There were some hiccups along the way and some successes. I’m not ready to fully put the pen to paper and draw out this reflection map, but I’m gathering my thoughts.

Look back at your year. Did you set some goals for yourself? If you accomplished them, what worked well for you? Did you add a bullet point or two to your resume or are you struggling to see if you made any significant change or progress?

Over the next couple of weeks, set aside some time to truly reflect on your year. Do self-summary not just for your job, but for your personal life, too. Are there similarities? Do you find successes in both your personal and professional life? What are some of the differences?

As you go through this exercise, share it with someone you trust. Get their feedback or just find someone to listen. Sharing this with someone will give you a different perspective. Are you too hard on yourself? Did you sandbag your year and not look to stretch yourself and get a little outside your comfort zone?

So dust off that 2017 roadmap and start to build your reflection map. 2017 was one of the first years in my life that truly laid out some goals. I wrote them down and measured them. I’m excited to see what my reflection map looks like. How about yours?


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