Cranberry Orange Pancakes

After a trip to the library with my oldest daughter, (yes, kids still like to go to the library and check out actual books,) we stopped by the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner. While I was getting the staples for this morning’s pancakes, I asked her what flavor she would like. We were in the cakes and flour aisle and were looking at the cake boxes for a little inspiration. And there is was. Cranberry orange muffins were right in front of us.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the cranberries fit right into the fall season. So we grabbed the staples of buttermilk, eggs, and flour. Of course, we grabbed some bacon for the side. And since fresh cranberries aren’t in season, we grabbed a bag of frozen cranberries.  While she wanted some sort of glaze, I had other ideas. I grabbed a pint of heavy whipping cream. I think you know what I was thinking about. Add a fresh orange from produce and we were ready to go.

For the pancakes, I used the base Huddy’s Hotcakes recipe. I added the zest of about 3/4 orange to the wet ingredients and then folded in a cup of the thawed sliced cranberries to the overall batter.

The whipped cream was simple. I used Alton Brown’s recipe and added a little bit of the orange zest and a few squeezes of the orange for some added flavor.

These were delicious. I added a little maple syrup to top them off. After a 7.5 mile run, and surpassing my goal to run 1000 miles in 2017, I had a few extra pancakes than normal. A well-deserved treat.


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