Apple Spice Pancakes

In the heart of the fall pancake season, there are no better tasting pancakes on a cold and rainy day than apple spice pancakes. Any type of apple flavor is one of my favorites. A piece of apple pie a la mode or a warm apple crisp is at the top of my dessert list any day.

A got this idea from Cheryl Nelson. Cheryl is an HR professional in Minneapolis and a big supporter of me and my blog. Via Twitter, she recommended these pancakes. So, Cheryl, these are for you!

For the pancakes, I used the basic Huddy’s Hotcakes recipe and added 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and a shredded cored and peeled Granny Smith apple.

For the topping, I found a fantastic recipe from Pumpkin ‘n Spice website. This was super tasty and a perfect addition to these pancakes.

I hope you are enjoying the fall flavors, this season. Let me know if you have any other recommendations!


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