The Best Way to Reflect on Fridays

I enjoy the walk from Union Station to our offices on a crisp, cool morning. I especially enjoy this walk on Fridays and reflecting on the week. On that 20 minute walk, I like to think back about the week and also think about the day ahead. This particular morning had me reflecting on a somewhat hectic and very productive week.

I spent a chunk of the week in St. Louis working with the office I support. Along with some basic day-to-day activities, I spent time co-facilitating some sessions around The Empowerment Dynamic and sessions around our company’s inclusion and diversity efforts. I value the time I get to spend with employees around these discussions. To cover topics that make them think about things from a different lens or shift thinking from a “victim orientation” to a “creator orientation” also gives me an opportunity to reflect on how I’m doing in these areas. How am I showing up every day and modeling the behaviors I’m asking our employees to embrace? How am I driving connection between our employees and clients?

I reflected on embracing the unexpected. I did not expect to have a canceled flight and spending an extra evening in St. Louis. Instead of blaming a myriad of people and circumstances that had me staying at a less-than-desirable hotel and taking a 5am flight, I accepted what I couldn’t control. In that frame of mind, I actually met a few people and experienced some “small world” moments. Through commiseration of the canceled flight and waiting for hotel assignments, I met 2 different people with direct connections to people I work with at Slalom and specifically in the HR space. We were able to laugh and connect on common topics that made the experience a lot better.

Having spent some time during the week talking about making a shift to focusing on desired outcomes instead of problems prepared me for this adventure. It helped me get through a full Thursday on very little sleep. And it helped me to get to bed at 8:45pm and catch up on some much-needed rest!

I’m looking ahead to a weekend of volunteering, running, and celebration. I’ll be finalizing that Halloween costume and carving up some pumpkins to feed to local squirrels in our neighborhood!



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