Friday Roundup 

I’m not a “road warrior” by any means, but I’m in the middle of a lot of business travel. I’ll be traveling, every week, for the next few weeks. While these are not huge trips, and most are just one overnight stay with flights at one hour or less, the time and process takes a toll. 

But I’m grateful for the opportunities these work trips present. I’m grateful to get to spend time with my colleagues for professional development and a little bit of fun. I’m grateful to get to facilitate some great training in interesting places. Have you ever facilitated DISC in a Bier Haus? I can check that one off the list. 

I had the opportunity to speak at the Wisconsin state SHRM conference, yesterday, in the Wisconsin Dells. I’m grateful to get a chance to share a bit of my story and learn from other HR professionals. 

As I write this, I’m physically exhausted and the brain is a little mushy. I entered this 6 week stretch knowing there would be some confusion on which Midwest city I was currently in. But it has been fantastic, so far, because I’m doing something I truly enjoy. Sure there are days and parts of the job that aren’t the most enlightening or strategic, but those are minimal. And I get a chance to have a change of scenery with my running routes. 

So cheers to this Friday from Chicago, I think. 


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