A Whopper of a Promotion

I came across this campaign that Burger King is doing to promote their fire-grilled Whopper. Wait, what ever happened to the “flame-broiled?” I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve had a Whopper. Anyway, they are asking people to go to LinkedIn, use the hashtag “WhopperSeverance,” and tell their story of getting fired. All of this for a free Whopper. A Whopper that goes for $.99 in other promotions.

So instead of me taking up this space to spew my opinion of this campaign, I thought I would pose a few questions I would have if I were the Burger King brass in making the decision to move forward. I have some questions for Burger King and I’m also going to throw out some questions for any person who decided it would be a good idea to air some dirty laundry for a free Whopper.

Here goes:

As a Burger King representative, here are some questions I would have to my agency and marketing department before moving forward:

  1. Our franchises have been around for a while. There is a good chance we have fired a few people. What are we going to do when one of our former employees gets hashtag happy and asks for a Whopper?
  2. Where is our liability or how comfortable will we be when people start airing their grievances of past bosses and employers in the public domain? Isn’t that what Glassdoor is for?
  3. So we are giving away 2500 Whoppers? What’s that equate to? About $2500? Is this really the best campaign we can come up with that goes with “fire?”
  4. Back to question #1, how strong is our employer brand? Can this impact our ability to hire people if things inevitably go a little sideways? You know how clever people are nowadays on social media. Do we really want “#WhopperSeverance” to be our

For the people who are thinking about telling their story of getting fired to get a free Whopper:

  1. You’re about to post on a public site. A site focused on networking and identifying opportunities for work. Are you sure you want to talk about an unfortunate time in your work career for a free burger?
  2. When, and trust me it will happen, when that potential employer brings up your story you just told on LinkedIn, that is searchable and easily visible, how are you going to answer it? (and “I was just goofing around to get a free Whopper” is not an acceptable answer.) Every recruiter has already searched this hashtag on LinkedIn.
  3. What good can come out of this? Besides the tasty free Whopper that will be gone in 2 minutes and could be purchased by finding the loose change in your couch cushions. How does participating in this enhance your personal brand or improve your chances of finding employment?

I could go on and on about this. Again, I’m not going to share my own thoughts on this campaign. I shared the situation with my 13-year-old daughter and she had the same reaction I did. Maybe she has a future in HR or maybe I’m having more of an influence on her than I think. Either way, she’s a smart woman.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. What are the questions you have? Is this an HR guy’s overreaction or is this a brilliant campaign to bring the Whopper back to prominence? Let me know.

Happy Labor Day weekend.


2 thoughts on “A Whopper of a Promotion

  1. I agree with your questions on both sides. Their Marketing team needs a kick in the pants, creatively. Let’s not even really get into all the things that could go wrong for the people who share their stories.

    If a free Whopper is all it takes to get people to air their dirty laundry, we’ve got bigger problems…

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