PTO Recovery

I returned to work, today, after a few days of vacation. Last week, I was able to extend a work trip to Seattle into a little vacation and the time away was good. We saw all of the touristy spots of Seattle and even got in a little whale watching off of San Juan Island. … More PTO Recovery

Vacation is Looming

Happy Friday. The week is coming to an end. I always try to end my Friday posts on a high note with some little humor, a nugget of inspiration, or something not too thought-provoking or serious. It’s not like this blog is full of a lot of provocative thoughts or ideas. It’s about HR, Pancakes, … More Vacation is Looming

What Motivates You?

Last Friday, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about the habits of a mildly successful HR guy. I wrote this after seeing a tweet from my friend and fantastic radio-host, Amy Guth. She tweeted, “How about we don’t create another list of ‘habits of successful entrepreneurs’ who are all white, male, young and well-funded.” After a … More What Motivates You?