Fear and Multitasking

On the outside, everything is fantastic. The job, great office, wonderful family, and good health. On the inside, there is a different picture. Feelings inadequacy, self-doubt, and failure. The paralyzation to move forward brought on by fear and what seems to be endless tasks and assignments. The feelings of over-committing and spreading yourself too thin. I feel like the lion when the tamer holds up the chair.

Throughout my life and career, I go through times like this. Those times when I feel like a fraud. When I’m listening to employees talk about their hopes and fears and struggles with work and life and having the same hopes and fears. How can I provide the right advice and counsel when I struggle with the same things? When no amount of running, writing, yoga, inspirational internet memes or mint Oreos and cold milk will do, what’s the answer?

I don’t have all the answers. But I keep doing the work. I know these feelings will subside because I have surrounded myself with good people. Family that brings levity and love and laughter. I have mentors and great bosses who are there to provide spot-on counsel and advice. I draw from past experiences and accomplishments and know I have done some things right.

I know that no amount of commas in my salary will help me to overcome these feelings or solve all my problems. I’m doing work that I truly enjoy and I work with great people. And there is a 3-day weekend approaching. I like the sound of that.


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