PTO Recovery

I returned to work, today, after a few days of vacation. Last week, I was able to extend a work trip to Seattle into a little vacation and the time away was good. We saw all of the touristy spots of Seattle and even got in a little whale watching off of San Juan Island. In the spring, I wrote about not being able to stop thinking about work during a vacation. Well, I may have to retract my statement after last week’s trip because I didn’t draw too much work inspiration on this particular vacation.

Maybe it was because I combined a vacation with a work trip and I got all of my work stuff out of my mind. Maybe it was because our hotel was a block away from my corporate office and it was subconsciously there. Maybe I just decided to take in all of the beautiful sights of the Pacific Northwest and was truly present in the moment.

I do know that getting back into the work routine takes a little time. The razor on the face after a week of not shaving feels different. It’s like removing the week of the lack of work responsibilities and casual dress and putting on the game face. The dress shoes and pants feel a little tighter. Even though it was just a week, the commute seems a little different. Construction projects have started and some have finished. Preparing meals are lot better as the body adjusts from eating a little too much and having a few extra beverages than usual.

Maybe I prepare for the return a little more than I did in the past. Having a 4 hour flight home gave me some time to go through some emails and mentally prepare for the Monday. I always prepare for the unexpected after a long time away from the office. There’s always a surprise email or distraction to throw you off and this morning was no different. But such is life in HR and I decide to show up and be prepared for the day. The days are filled with distractions and dealing with human behavior.

So here’s to the return to work. The week is filled with excitement of the eclipse, the first day of school for our kids, and the everyday fun of human resources. It’s good to be back into the routine and refreshed to take on the week.


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