Vacation is Looming

Happy Friday. The week is coming to an end. I always try to end my Friday posts on a high note with some little humor, a nugget of inspiration, or something not too thought-provoking or serious. It’s not like this blog is full of a lot of provocative thoughts or ideas. It’s about HR, Pancakes, and Running. Let’s not get too carried away! Plus, I will begin a little vacation, mid-next week, so I’m going to start to get into that mindset.

I’m going to resist the urge to talk about the firing of the Google employ over his “manifesto.” I’m going to save the post that talks about the freedoms to be able to speak one’s mind in the workplace. And I’ll save my commentary on the employer freedoms to be able to speak their minds, in the way of a termination, if your forms of expression do not align with their core values. I’m just going to let marinate my thoughts about the role of HR in organizations and how we are perceived as the “enemy of the employee” and the “puppets of the evil overlords known as ‘Management.'” That one is going to stew in the sauce just a little bit more.

No, I’m not going to go there. Not on this beautiful Friday when the sun is shining and I’m starting to think about packing my bags for some time away. Not when I’m staring at one of the last weekends filled with no kids activities before the onslaught of back-to-school stuff and endless afternoons spent at a soccer field, or a gym, or a library. Nope. Not going to give one bit of thought about the workplace drama that continues to bubble and fester. I’m only focusing on getting down on Friday.

Enjoy your Friday and enjoy your weekend. Work hard to close out a few of those lingering projects. Make it a point to say hello to one or two more co-workers you normally wouldn’t spend time with. Call a friend or colleague and wish them a happy weekend. Lastly, think twice before firing off that corporate memo.

Have a great weekend!


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