Go Acoustic With Your Job

I love music. All genres. Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative (or whatever they call it, these days) and Classic, Pop, and Country. As a matter of fact, I’m in a big Country phase. A spring break trip to Nashville may do that to you. You’ve been warned. While I’ve totally cut music out of the running part of my life, it’s still a big part everywhere else. In the car. In the kitchen. At the office. I love different variations of songs. The remixes, remasters, and rewinds. But one of my favorite variations is when an artist does an acoustic version of their song.

I have zero knowledge of how this happens, but I’m going to make up the scenario. The band has been touring for years. Night in and night out, they play the same songs, very similar set lists, and the same variation. And while this can be great and they feed off the energy of the crowd at each city, playing the same song over and over can get a little boring. So instead of cranking the amps to 11, the band agrees to shake things up a bit. They unplug, pull up a couple of chairs, crack open a cold one, and jam. Acoustic guitars. Maybe some bongos. But mostly the guitars.

By unplugging, changing up the rhythm, or taking away some of the other noise, the band gives the crowd something different, and they also get a chance to mix things up in their routine. It’s a good way to put a little spark back into an otherwise over-played tune.

From time to time, your job needs to go acoustic. You spend 8-12 hours a day doing the same things. While the projects may be different, the process is still the same. Those ledger entries all start to look-alike. And while the gig pays the bills and you enjoy what you do, the routine can get a little monotonous. Maybe it’s time to grab a new chair, go sit in a different section of the office, and change the rhythm of your day. Go acoustic.

In the spirit of the acoustic version, I’m listing 5 of my favorite acoustical versions of some classics:

  • “Pink Houses” – John Mellencamp
  • “Times Like These” – Foo Fighters
  • “You’re Crazy” – Guns N Roses
  • “Dead or Alive” – Bon Jovi
  • “Thank You” – Chris Cornell (original by Led Zepplin)

These are only a few. What are some of your favorites? (And you can’t just say Tesla’s “Five Man Acoustical Jam” and walk away!)





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