Monday Morning Musings

I take the train into Chicago, Monday through Friday, to get to work. I’ve had the same routine for the past 4 years. I’ve been on this same train line for the past 14 years. Adjusting for vacations, travel, playing hooky, illness, and holidays, that’s about 630 Mondays commuting. And each of those Mondays have had similar feelings. Feelings that are different from the Tuesdays through Fridays. There is a lot of reflection on those Monday commutes.

As I’m riding in, today, I’m thinking about all the stuff from the weekend, plus all the stuff ahead in the week. I’m mad about leaving my umbrella on the train two weeks ago. (I have donated a department store section worth of umbrellas to Metra.) I’m feeling a few of the aches and pains from two good workouts. I’m happy today is a rest day from running. I’m looking at my calendar and mentally preparing for the week and the meetings I have. I’m answering some emails and ignoring others. I’m reflecting about the great moments spent with the family and I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to adhere to the family budget we discussed over the weekend. (I love my Starbucks and I always forget to pack my lunch! I can do this.)

As the train pulls into the station and I prepare for my 17 minute walk to my office, I look around. I imagine all of the thoughts going on in the minds of the thousands of other commuters with me. I think about all of their hopes, fears, worries, and dreams. I wonder if they’re thinking about how they plan to get through the day, much less the week. I see some happiness, but, mostly, I see tired eyes. Slumped shoulders and slow paces. That Monday feeling.

So Monday needs a little extra effort. Some time to shake out the cobwebs of the weekend. A splash of cold water to the face. Maybe a tick more volume and some extra bass into the headphones of your morning playlist. Remember Sony’s Mega Bass? Yes, add a little of that.

Monday is just another day and you will get through it. There’s still 6 more days until you have to do Monday again, so there’s a lot of time until then.


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