12 Good Things About Working in HR

We are just getting into the swing of summer. Beautiful weather, abundant sunshine, and vacations. This can also be a good time in the workplace. Some corporations have summer hours, employees form company softball or beach volleyball teams, and after-work happy hours are so much better al fresco, especially in Chicago.

All this vitamin D exposure has mean thinking about all of the good things about being in HR. We get a lot of negative press and a bad rap, at times. Some of it is deserved and most of it comes from within our industry. Hey, it sells papers.

But there are a lot of great things about working in HR. While it may not be for everybody, there is a lot of good in the profession.

So, here is my list of all the good things about working in HR, based on my 20-year, and counting, career in the field.

  1. You witness people do extraordinary things every day.
  2. You help people realize their goals and pursue their passions. Giving them the guidance and tools to take on a new project or learn a new skill is very rewarding.
  3. You witness the joy of life events with your employees. It’s really satisfying to be able to walk an expectant mother through the FMLA and family leave policy. To see all of the happiness and excitement they are experiencing through this wonderful time. There’s more to it than just processing forms.
  4. It’s nice to be able to explain parental leave to soon-to-be parents whose partner is expecting. Talking about all of their hopes and fears of the unknown is awesome.
  5. You get to do something different every day. You can’t always plan human behavior and this brings all kinds of twists and turns of the day.
  6. If you’re lucky, you get to attend great state, local, and national conferences. SHRM and all its volunteers host some of the best conferences for all levels of HR professionals. There’s a lot of learning and a little bit of fun. It’s also a great way to meet other HR professionals to share ideas.
  7. You get to meet every person in the company. If you play a recruiting role, you have an instant connection to each and every new hire. You are their first contact to your organization and that’s a special bond. They will always remember you and that experience.
  8. You get a unique perspective into the culture of the organization.
  9. You get to learn new things. By knowing everyone in the company, you can learn about what each person does. What they do, how they perform their job, and what they like about their job. This makes you a better HR person.
  10. If you work in Compensation and Benefits, you provide financial security and well-being to the employees. Who doesn’t like to get paid? You have a say in what types of benefits employees get to take advantage of and provide peace of mind the them and their families.
  11. You get a chance to change all those processes you never liked. Performance management and reviews? Blow it up. Bereavement leave? Get rid of it. Let people grieve on their timeframe and give them all the time and support they need. Family leave? Give more. Strict compensation policies? Pay your stars.
  12. Instead of asking “why,” you can ask, “why not?”

This list is just a tip of the iceberg of a rewarding career in HR. And, it’s based on my perspective.

I’d love to hear all of the great things you love about working in HR. Happy Friday!


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