Corporate Holidays Ranked

It’s the 4th of July. One of my favorite holidays. Summertime. Parades. Great food and drinks. And PTO. On this 4th of July, I got to thinking about all of the US corporate holidays. It seems I often have the same thought when a holiday comes around. “Man, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Food, drink, family and fun.”

So, for this 4th of July, I’m ranking the corporate holidays. For this post, the US holidays will be New Year’s, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, I realize there are several more. And, I realize I’m missing MLK Day. Unfortunately, this is a holiday still not recognized by a lot of  corporations in the US. But that’s a post for another day.

My rankings are not based on any religious or political affiliations. Just my own personal opinions and statistical polling straight out of my own noggin. Here goes:

#6. New Year’s Day

While this is a great day full of resolutions and football, this day is filled with the anxiety of heading back to the office. All those projects we put off until next year start on January 2nd. Employees are typically coming back from a 1-2 week break. If you enjoy New Year’s Eve, the headache may be a little bigger on this day.

#5. Labor Day

It’s always great to have a 3-day weekend. This holiday is filled with BBQs, picnics, and a winding down of summer. But only one day to celebrate the laborers of the USA? Only one day to celebrate all of the blood, sweat, and tears of the American worker? I’m sorry, but this should be a week-long celebration.

#4. Christmas Day

This day sometimes kicks off a potential week-long vacation for some. It’s a great day to reflect on the previous year, realize that the next few days may be pretty light in the office, and to cook up a feast for friends and family.

#3. Thanksgiving Day 

Any holiday on a Thursday has the potential to stretch to an epic 5 day weekend. Many corporations grant the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday. This is key. Any holiday followed by a weekend or another day off ranks near the top. I love Thanksgiving in my household. We travel to visit family, watch a ton of NFL football, get together with friends we haven’t seen in a while, and indulge in extra helping or two of food. There may be extra beverages consumed around this time, too. It’s also the start of the Runner’s World Run Streak. Run at least a mile a day, every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

#2. Independence Day

And you all thought I was going to put good ol’ Yankee Doodle as number 1. If you’ve read this blog or if you know me, you could have guessed what would be #1 to me. But 4th of July comes in very close to number 1. I love the community feel of this day. We fill the 3rd and 4th full of neighborhood gatherings, parades, fireworks, anxious dogs because of the fireworks, cold beverages and fantastic grilling.

#1. Memorial Day

The unofficial start of summer. Plus, this is the first corporate holiday many employees get since New Year’s Day. That is a long time and employees deserve it. For me, it’s the best weekend of the year. The Indy 500, time with family, and the celebration of my oldest daughter’s birthday. What could be better?

I want to acknowledge all of the employees in the service, hospitality, and retail industry who spend their time working on these holidays. And to all of the service men and women who never get a day off. As we celebrate this day of Independence, take some time to consider there are many people working on this day.

There’s my list. I hope you enjoy the day off. When you get some time to read this, I’d love to hear about your favorite holidays. Where would you rank them?




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