HR and Chocolate Chip Cookies 

I don’t always have things to write about. Lately, I have been struggling to find the right topic or provide my angle to all of the HR topics that are discussed. Over and over. With the recent national SHRM conference coming to a close, there’s no shortage of discussion about the latest and greatest in HR.

In the very brief time that I’ve been writing on this blog, the topics have come relatively easy. There is always something that happens throughout the day that brings some sort of inspiration. Just some reflections of my day on the train ride home and, boom, the post is complete.

One of the main ways I come up with a post is when I’m on a run. Typically, I can outline 1 or 2 themes on a 4 mile run. Most are about work and some about running. But even my runs have failed to produce any meaningful content the past couple of weeks.

Except for today. For some reason, all I could think about during this morning’s run was  chocolate chip cookies. As the miles clicked off, the thought of cookies grew. What was this all about? Sure, running builds my appetite, but I don’t always think about food on my run. So I’m analyzing this and breaking it down and trying to figure out what chocolate chip cookies have to do with HR, pancakes, and running.

And maybe that’s a good thing. We don’t always have to derive meaning or look deeper into our thoughts to figure out what something means or look behind the curtain to understand what someone really is thinking.

So instead of trying to come up with some post about “The 3 Things Chocolate Chip Cookies Have to Do With HR,” I’m just going to explain my perfect chocolate chip cookie experience.

It’s pretty simple. I grab a log of Tollhouse cookie dough. Plop them on a baking sheet and bake per the instructions, but take them out a minute or two early. They should fall apart some when putting on the cooling rack. I immediately pour a tall glass of cold milk and proceed to polish off about 4 cookies. They are the best when still warm and the chocolate is still a little gooey.

It’s just that simple. Sometimes it’s just about cookies.


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