14 Reasons Why I Run

I have been running consistently for about 7 years. What started as a little “Biggest Loser” contest at work, turned into a whole different purpose for me. So in the spirit of lists, I decided to tell you 12 reasons why I run. This is just the start of an ongoing list.

I run because:

  1. I am able.
  2. I am fortunate enough to have the physical ability to be able to run and I never know when that will continue.
  3. It clears my mind and to maintain some decent sense of mental health.
  4. I want to set an example for my girls that physical fitness is important and should be a staple in the daily routine.
  5. I broke my arm playing basketball 8 years ago and decided to trade the sneakers for some Asics.
  6. When I catch a glimpse of my shadow while running, I a baby giraffe trying to gallop, and I chuckle. I’m reminded not to take myself too seriously.
  7. I enjoy running with my local run club.
  8. I enjoy running alone.
  9. I wanted to raise money and awareness for the Danny Did Foundation and Epilepsy awareness. I ran 4 half marathons with Team Danny Did and the experience was incredible.
  10. It’s easy to do and relatively inexpensive to get started. Grab some shoes and go.
  11. What else would I tweet about, share on social, or write about?
  12. It sparks creativity and helps me work through problems and issues.
  13. I can see cities from different views when I visit them.
  14. I want to raise money and awareness for my nephew, Graham, and Prader-Willi Syndrome. 

Why do you run?


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