Weekends are for Renewal 

I really look forward to the weekend. No, this is not a cliche. I look forward to the weekend because it gives me time to renew and refresh. Time to do something a little different than the Monday-through-Friday HR thing. I get the chance to work on some projects or hobbies that I otherwise don’t have the time to do during the week. Devoting this time to something besides HR prepares me for my week ahead and even unlocks some ideas and creativity for my job. 

I like to run. For those who know me or for those of you who have take an interest in the blog (thank you, btw!) know that I like to run and I like to talk about my running. I also like to cook. And not just cooking up pancake masterpieces. I like to cook and will typically take over the kitchen on the weeekend. 

The weekends give me a chance to really step out of my comfort zone and focus on these little hobbies. Just this year, I started running on both Saturdays and Sundays. Before I set a goal to run 1000 miles in 2017, I would commit to just one day on the weekend. But in order for me to be able to hit this goal, I needed to get double digit miles for the whole weekend. I decided to give both days a try. And it’s been the best experience for me.

I run with a couple of different groups within my running club and it’s been nice getting to know new people. I also like to get out on my own for some of the runs. It’s my therapy and it’s where 81.5 percent of my ideas come from. This time has allowed me to become a better runner and focus on my goal as I cannot put that much time into it during the week. 

My wife does 97.4 percent of the cooking, during the week, so by me cooking on the weekends, I give her the much needed break she seeks. My weekend kitchen takeover consists of mostly grilling, in the summer. I would not call myself a “grill master,” but I do enjoy trying new things. And with the great Chicago summers, I try to spend as much time out there as possible.  

And it’s not just finding a piece of meat and slapping it on the grill. I like trying different techniques. I had no idea what “indirect heat” meant until I started reading about proper grilling. I’ve learned how to turn my gas grill into a slow cooker. This may not sound like much, but I’m a novice. I haven’t even started the whole charcoal grilling. Baby steps. 

I love the whole process. Finding the right sides to go with the meal. Preparing those sides and making sure I get the timing right. And, most importantly, turning on some music and pouring a cocktail. There may even be a little singing and dancing going on, but I can neither confirm nor deny that statement. And don’t ask my kids. 

My whole weekend activities prepare me to take on the week. It clears my mind and even helps me work through some tough situations and come up with a different solution. When I’m confused about a situation, my weekend activities can provide clarity. 

The work week can be stressful and can feel like a grind. You need to be able to find some activities that take you away from your work and rejuvenate the mind to prepare for another week. You may even find you look forward to heading back to work on a Monday because you have worked through an issue and didn’t even realize it. 

As you’re heading into the office on this Monday, reflect on the weekend. Did you work on something you love? Did you try something new? If not, you have 5 days to figure it out. 


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