Back to Some Pancake Basics

I have spent the past 3 and a half years trying to figure out the best Sunday pancake recipes and top the previous week’s creations. I know this sounds silly, but this process would consume my Friday nights, and many of my Saturday thoughts. Yes, I’m that boring of a guy. This process would consist of walking the grocery store to get ideas, racking my brain on some long runs, searching the web for some creative ideas, and, of course, grilling my girls for ideas. This only makes sense because they are my toughest critics.

96.3 percent of my pancake creations are fantastic. They’re creative, delicious, and just all-around full of goodness. 84.5 percent of the time, I really don’t get to enjoy them. If it’s a new recipe, I’m scrambling around the kitchen to make sure I have it just right. I’m making sure the bacon is done, on time, the sides are timed right, and the pancakes are done to satisfy some hungry people. I then spend my time stressing about getting the plating just right for that photo. Most of the time, my pancakes are cold and I don’t get the picture the way I’d like it. I’m using a damn iPhone, anyway, and it’s not like I’m the Ansel Adams of pancake picture taking.

Yesterday, this all came to a head. I’m peppering the kids with questions about what kind of pancakes they wanted. Finally, my oldest walks in and says, “just do blueberry pancakes, Dad, and get it over with.”

Wow. Maybe I’ve taken this Huddy’s Hotcakes thing a little too far. It all started because I wanted to create a thing between me and my girls. And we’ve had that thing for a long time. Her comment reminded me of that. This is about us and the time we spend together. Sure, posting the creations, starting this blog, and having a crazy dream of wanting to open a real pancake diner has come of that. But not at the expense of our having some fun.

So here’s to getting back to some basics. Classic buttermilk blueberry pancakes. Well, I did whip up a little vanilla glaze for the kids. Because we don’t want to be too boring.


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