Friday Five – Travel Edition

It’s been a long week! I have been in Seattle since Sunday evening and the week has been jam-packed with activity. 95% was filled with work and the other 5% was filled with a lot of fun. Our team worked, ate, learned, danced, debated, karaoke’d, collaborated, and grew as a team.

I always value the time we have together as there is nothing better for a team than face-to-face time. I’m looking forward to our time together sometime soon and I cannot wait to get home.

How are you doing on a scale of 1-10? (1 = can’t find a wall hard enough to hit with your head; 10 = rocking and rolling) 10. A fantastic week all around. Work is great and I’m heading home after a week on the road feeling pretty good mentally and physically. That all may change when I get up to meet my run group at 6am, tomorrow!

2. What are the couple of big things you’ll be tackling next week? Catching up on some work. I love weeks of professional development and there is sometimes a price to pay when being away from the office. I’ve learned the value of a strong out of office message on internal email, but it still piles up a bit.

3. Any good ‘wins’ from last week you feel proud of – no matter how big or small? I’m proud of my discipline and commitment to a healthier travel experience, this week. Although there’s not a lot to do in a city at 4:45am. I have pretty much maintained my Central timezone body clock so there have been some early morning and early nights. 

4. Do you need any support / help with anything you expect to tackle next week? I started reading Brene’ Brown’s book, “Rising Strong” and I really am enjoying the first third of it. I haven’t read her 2 previous books leading up to this, but they will definitely be next!

5. How’s your bandwidth? (1 being I don’t have time to eat and 10 being I have nothing to do)? 2. 

What are some things you are working on and how can I help you?


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