Healthy Choices on the Road

I have been on the road this whole week. About 4 times per year, my team gets together for some learning, planning, and some fun and connection. Most of the time, we meet in Seattle, and the other times, we branch out to each other’s markets like San Francisco, D.C., and Atlanta. I can’t wait to host them in Chicago! We usually have long days stuck in conference rooms, deep-diving into some sort of new skill or system. We are in the middle of rolling out a new HRIS system so this particular trip has been knee-deep in that system and all of the change management that goes with it.

As you can imagine, when a group of colleagues, who happen to be close friends, get together, the fun-o-meter hits full tilt. We like to enjoy good food and even better drink. Throw in a time zone change, and my body and mind get a little out of alignment.

I have found that when I enjoy the evening a little too much, I’m not showing up as my best self for a day full of meetings in a cramped conference room. I get cranky and I can be a little snippy with my colleagues. Just ask them. I’m not as focused as I should be when I need to be hyper-focused.

This trip, I have been trying to make better choices while on the road. As in the past, I prepared and packed for a full week of running. I also wanted to be a little more intentional on my evening activities and make sure I got enough sleep. Being on the west coast, I’m 2 time zones away, so I have had a lot of 5am wake ups. I have taken advantage of those early mornings.

I found some colleagues to run with me on two of the mornings. Having an accountability partner helps me to make better choices as I don’t want to let that person down. I took 2 yoga classes, this week, too. Again, having that accountability partner helped get me into that 100 degree studio. My energy levels and focus have been so much better because I have been more alert and I feel better.

As I get older, my recovery time is not as great. I also am becoming more aware of my body, mind, and actions and am trying to make healthier decisions. Now, this isn’t cutting back the fun that I am having. As a matter of fact, I have more energy to be able to enjoy the evenings. (This evening will be no exception at our annual awards celebration!)

It’s been a great, exhausting, productive week and I value the time I get to spend with my friends and colleagues. I am also glad I was able to take care of myself a little better this time. Now, it’s time to power through another day and get to the fun!


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