Set New Hires at Ease on Day One

Every other Monday, I get to meet with the new hires in our organization. Before they’re off and running with their orientation, I spend a few minutes to introduce myself, welcome them, and acknowledge a few things. I acknowledge their excitement as well as all of their anxieties of starting something new. While it’s important to get new hires educated on all the great things of the new company, we should take time to recognize all of the changes they are experiencing on day one.

Think about your first day on the job and all of the emotions you were dealing with. There was probably a lot of excitement and maybe some restlessness. You probably didn’t sleep too well the night before. Maybe you were excited about a fresh start and a new routine or about a new skill or challenge you were going to take on.

And what about the anxieties? Did you make the right decision? Will you get paid? Do you have benefits? Where will be your new hot spot for lunch?

What can onboarding teams do to alleviate the fears and anxieties? Acknowledge them. Thank the new hires for choosing  your team. Alleviate their concerns about pay and benefits and all the other basic tasks you take for granted as an employee in your organization. If you’re going to load them up with coffee and bran muffins, make sure they know where the bathrooms are.

Many first days are filled with paperwork, benefits enrollment, and slick corporate videos. Employees may get a chance to spend a few minutes with their awesome HR guy and hear from the CEO. All are important and necessary steps to a successful onboarding. But don’t overlook all of the anxieties your new employees may be dealing with. Make their first day the easiest day of their career with you. It is something they will always remember.


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