Pancakes Stuffed With Nutella

Throughout this pancake journey, many of you send me ideas, links, and recipes for all kinds of creations. The Nutella-stuffed pancakes are probably the most popular link sent to me. I’ve put them off for a long time and figured it was time to give these a shot.

Here is the link to the TipHero site and the original recipe is from RecipeTin Eats.

As with 97.3% of my pancakes, I used the Huddy’s Hotcakes recipe for the base.

When I got started on this, I knew I needed some parchment paper to prepare the Nutella. I had my grocery list of 15 other things and didn’t add the parchment paper because I figured I’d remember it. Of course, what doesn’t get written down, doesn’t get purchased. Unless you’re at Costco and you end up buying everything that’s not on the list. I forgot the parchment paper. Early in the evening, I figured I’d just use the spread straight out of the jar, but I wasn’t going to give up on the frozen Nutella dream.

I came up with an idea to fill some paper cups with Nutella and freeze them over night. Guess what, it worked! 

I had two cup-shaped blocks of Nutella. I then attempted to slice them into even shapes. That proved to be a little more difficult.

In the end, they were a success. I’m glad I dug deep into that oft-forgotten creative part of my brain to come up with the solution.

If you like Nutella, you’re going to love these!


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