Long’s Bakery – Indianapolis

If you are ever passing through Indianapolis and are looking for the best donuts, you have to make a run to Long’s Bakery.

I grew up in Speedway, Indiana, and my first job was a paperboy (yes, that’s what they called me back then) delivering the Indianapolis News in the afternoon. Back then, Indy had a morning edition, The Star, and an evening edition, The News. When I was in 8th grade, I upgraded to a morning route. 365 days a year, I was up at 6am to deliver papers. My brothers and all my friends had routes, too. This was the best job for high schoolers. It taught me responsibility, discipline, customer service, and finance. Hey, I had to go collect the bi-weekly fees from my customers. There was no auto-pay or mail-in money system back then.

On Sunday mornings, my friends and I would all get together after our routes and grab breakfast. Almost every weekend, we would make a run to Long’s for a dozen yeast donuts.

If you ask anyone from Indy where the best donuts are, 9 times out of 10 they will tell you about Long’s. They have all kinds of cakes and pastries. Our First Communion cakes all came from Long’s.

Of all of their wonderful pastries, there is nothing better than one dozen yeast donuts. I have never had a better yeast donut. Sure, Krispy Kreme is up there, but nothing compares to the warm fresh dozen from Long’s.

So, next time you’re in Indy for some NCAA hoops, a Colts game, or the Indy 500, make sure you get over to Long’s. You won’t be disappointed.


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