Mint Chocolate Chip “Shamrock” Pancakes

I figured I’d milk this St. Patrick’s Day thing through the weekend. This idea came to me when I was doing my Friday Five and talked about the green milkshake I used to get as a kid from Burger Chef. Now, McDonald’s has their Shamrock Shake and I’m sure you can get some version anywhere that serves some kind of milkshake product.

I was thinking about doing Guinness pancakes because I had a few left over from Friday evening. Yes, I only had one on St. Patrick’s Day. Hey, I had a long run on Saturday morning. This running goal has been reducing my beer intake. Just take a look at my Untappd timeline! But, I’m not sure the beer pancakes would have gone over too well with the minors in the household.

For those who know me well, mint chocolate chip shakes and ice cream are my favorite. So, naturally, this fits right in there.

For the recipe, I used my base Huddy’s Hotcakes recipe. I added about a teaspoon of mint extract to the wet ingredients at that point. For the “green,” I was lucky to have a 4th grader helping me because I forgot to pick up some green food coloring. Fortunately, I had some yellow and blue food coloring, and guess what those two mixed together make?

I added close to a half cup of chocolate chips to the combined ingredients.

No mint chocolate chip anything would be complete without a little Reddi Wip topping and some Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Finally, before I made the pancakes, I joined my running group for a nice hour-long run. When I was running home, I was thinking about this blog and if there was any relationship between my HR career, making pancakes, and my joy of running. Guess what. I figured it out and will be telling you all about that relationship, later this week.

Stay tuned!




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