Friday Five – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Ok, so this has nothing to do with St. Patrick’s Day, other than my middle name is Patrick. Now you know what the “P” stands for. On that note, as a kid, we lived near a Burger Chef. Remember those? On St. Patrick’s Day, if your first or middle name was Patrick, you got a free green milk shake. I loved those times, until the Burger Chef changed to Hardee’s. No more Fun Meals for me.

Now on to this week’s Friday Five. One of the things my CHRO adds, each week, to the Friday Five is a little nugget of learning or an inspirational quote. In that spirit, I’m sharing a podcast he shared with our team from the CEB. This episode is with Laszlo Bock, former head of HR for Google. I’m not going to spend any time talking about it here, as I may write more about it in a later post (see, I’m starting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing!) Anyway, give it a listen. And, for those attending the annual SHRM conference in New Orleans, this will give you a little preview of you may be in for. He will be a stand out speaker to an already all-star lineup.

1. How are you doing on a scale of 1-10? (1 = can’t find a wall hard enough to hit with your head; 10 = rocking and rolling) 10. A pretty darn good week. I actually had a blog post each day and am starting to get used to coming up with some content. I have 5 years worth of ideas or half-written posts in my “notes” section on my phone that I need to tease out. I also realized not much has changed in the HR past in those 5 years! I truly appreciate all of the love, support, and encouragement many of you have given me as I roll along in this blog journey. It really means a lot. Got some good momentum on a few work projects and had a good overall week on the personal front. 

2. What are the couple of big things you’ll be tackling next week? I’m working on some productivity hacks. Is that the correct usage of “hack?” I’m trying to schedule some time for email, block time for projects on the calendar, and take a little more control of my days. I’m looking for some good fiction to read. Got any recommendations?

3. Any good ‘wins’ from last week you feel proud of – no matter how big or small? I hit 250 miles, this week. I’m a quarter of the way toward my goal. I was planning to run about 250 per quarter and I’m about 2 weeks ahead of that. Good to have some miles in the bank for those unexpected weeks that I may not be able to get out, but so far so good!

4. Do you need any support / help from me with anything you expect to tackle next week? Yes! I need some pancake recipes or ideas. What would you like to see? 

5. How’s your bandwidth? (1 being I don’t have time to eat and 10 being I have nothing to do)? 3. There are days that I feel I don’t have time to eat. Maybe I need to start bringing my lunch to save a little time and a little bit of money!

What are some things you are working on and how can I help you?

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