Churro Pancakes With a Spicy Chocolate Sauce 

I’m always looking for new ideas and something different to up my pancake game. So, this recipe idea came from an Instagram post a friend shared with me from Domino Magazine. There are some real gems in that link and I’m looking forward to adapting a few of them.

To ring in Daylight Savings, I decided to spice up the morning. I was in extra need of some added calories after a late evening at the Impov Olympics  with great friends and an 8 mile run, this morning.

This recipe is adapted from Deb’s “Cooking on the Front Burner” site. Check it out as there are a lot of great recipes. For the pancakes, I used my base Huddy’s Hotcakes recipe and added 1 1/2 teaspoons of cinnamon to the dry mix. I then followed her recipe to coat the pancakes with the cinnamon and sugar mix.

For the spicy chocolate sauce, I followed Deb’s recipe. Cayenne pepper, are you kidding me? I was super excited about this and I’ll have to admit, I messed it up a bit. I think I added the heavy cream too early and I should have let the chocolate chips melt before I combined. I also think I should have melted the butter before I added that, too. But, I loved the spice of the cayenne pepper and this sauce was the perfect combination for the sweetness of the pancakes.

I will definitely try the chocolate sauce to use for other foods so I’m looking forward to getting that right, next time.

Let me know if you have any pancake ideas you’d like for me to try out. I love hearing from you.


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