International Women’s Day. Stand Up.

Today is International Women’s Day. It’s also A Day Without a Woman.

I have 2 beautiful daughters and they have dreams. My 7th grader wants to go to Harvard and run her own business. She has dreams of making a difference in the community and having an impact on making the world a better place. But, she’s starting to figure out that the deck may be stacked against her even more with an Ivy League education. She recently wrote an argumentative essay on the gender wage gap. As she was doing research for her paper, she made comments about how stupid and unfair this is and how she wants to change this for her generation. We talk about all of the great work and impact women have had, and are continuing to have, and my daughters want to jump in.

We are at a point now more than ever where we need people, female and male, to stand up and make a difference. The ever-increasing gender wage gaps, unethical behavior from the C-suite on down, and inequalities in the workplace, are at the forefront of every business big and small. We need strong leaders, not just in HR, but in every area in the workplace to stand up. To all of those doing this every day, I thank you.

And to the men, there has not been one point in your lives where you have not benefited from the help and care of a woman. Whether it was your mother, sister, teacher, professor, that recruiter who reached out to you and gave you a chance, your boss or co-worker, you would not be where you are now without their guidance and support. So don’t just sit idle, or worse yet, perpetuate the types of behaviors you see around you. Equality for all does not take away the rights and privileges that you have.

On this day, I want to honor and thank all of the women who have been so inspirational, who have shaped and molded me, who have provided an opportunity or have taken a chance on me.  To my wife and my 2 daughters, my mom, sister, sisters-in-law, mother-in-law, my close friends, colleagues, my past, current, and former bosses, and all others who have made a difference, I thank you and I stand with you, today, and every day.


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